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Sears Tower modelWillis (Sears) Tower
Start with the two uppermost panels of the tower. Fold the small section of wall on top inwards at a 90-degree angle as shown. Fold the small rooftop flaps at the bottom of these pieces outwards at a 90-degree angle, with the attached glue flaps folded downwards 90 degrees.
Glue these two pieces together as shown. Be careful to make sure the pieces are joined at a 90-degree angle and the walls are parallel.

Cut out the tall west wall and shorter east wall sections. Fold the glue flaps and rooftops inwards. Insert the roofs and glue tabs between the parallel walls you assembled in the last step. Try to keep the walls and corners as straight and parallel as possible.

Cut out the twin north & south side walls. Fold the wall sections and roofs of each inwards at a 90-degree angle.
Glue these two walls to the rest of the building, making sure to glue the lettered flaps to their correct sides of the model.

(Optional step for greater realism.)
Cut out the four miniature window-washer houses. Roll each into a short cylinder with the triangular glue flap inside. Use a tweezers to roll the cylinders and then squeeze the glue to dry.
Place a little glue on the edges of each cylinder and cement them on each of the four small rooftops. Cut out the four brown circles and glue these on top of the cylinders as rooftops.

(Optional step for greater realism.)
Cut out the rooftop maintenance shed. Score and then fold the walls down to make the shed stand up.
Cut out the TV masts. Each mast consists of two pieces glued together for greater strength. Assemble each mast first, with the "outrigger" piece on the outside. Bend these "outriggers" at a 45-degree angle. Next glue the shed in position on the top of the building. Finally, add a drop of glue on the base of each mast and bottoms of the "outrigger" antennae to connect them firmly to the rooftop. Put the shorter of the TV masts on the side nearest the tallest wall section (west side).
Your model is now finished! Place it next to the John Hancock, Trump Tower and Aon Center models: they are all built to the same scale.

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