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Elevated train models

The Elevated Train models are N-scale (1:160). They are 1" tall by 4" long when complete.

CTA L Train models

Download the L Tracks below to make a display stand for your train models.

CTA L Train models

There are five different L train cars available. Each represents a different train line serving a different part of the city, as well as the different types of rolling stock on the CTA system. The designs available are: Red Line, Blue Line, Orange Line, Green Line and Brown Line.

Elevated Train Extras

L Train Chassis L Train Chassis

Download instructions to add N-scale wheels to your elevated train car: TrainChassis.pdf

Elevated Tracks L Tracks model

Place N-scale tracks on top of the elevated tracks to create your own miniature Loop layout. LTracks.pdf

Santa Express Santa Express Train Santa Express Train Santa Express

During the holiday season, the CTA runs a special Santa Train (see schedule). Download this tiny N-scale replica of Santa's own L Train car, making all stops toward the Loop: SantaTrain.pdf

Red Line Closeup

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